Create Less Trash

Planet Tip – Create Less Trash

It has been measured that each year Americans produce 4.6 pounds of garbage per person every day. Let’s take a simple step to help sustain the planet by creating less Trash! Here’s a few easy ways to cut back on your weekly waste, sourced from Real Simple Magazine:


  • Banish plastic packaging – On your next shopping trip, steer clear of plastic containers. Look for comparable items packed in paper cartons or sold in bulk.
  • Stock up on sponges and handkerchiefs. Forgo the rolls (and rolls) of paper towels you use and try reusable sponges or washcloths to clean up spills. Or put in use some old fashioned handkerchiefs in lieu of using those big boxes of tissues everywhere, cluttering up your garbage cans.
  • Feed the Earth. Compost food scraps instead of throwing them away with your regular trash. They’ll break down and help create fertile soil for the garden or houseplants. Indeed, the Secret to some of the most productive gardens is the use of compost. You will find “how to build a compost bin” instructions all over the web. Here’s my favorite:
  • Concentrate. Choose concentrated versions of household basics, such as laundry detergent. You will use less of the product and won’t have to throw away big containers as regularly. Especially if you have soft water, which means you can use about half the recommended detergent per load!
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