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Take the Quiz: What’s Your Clutter Quotient?

One of my esteemed peers published this Cosmo-style quiz to determine your clutter quotient. It reveals to what degree clutter controls your life. Fortunately, even the most chronically disorganized people can change their behavior and build their organizing skills, so don’t let this quiz get you down if you score is not what you expected. It’s illuminating …and they say the first step is acceptance, yes? Smile.

So, here’s to a great first step to see whether your clutter is temporary or chronic – from Donna Smallin’s book “Unclutter Your Home”.

The Quiz

Choose a number between 1 and 4 that best describes your response to each of the following statements.

1 – Never or almost never
2 – Sometimes
3 – Usually
4 – All the time

______ When I have free time, I like to shop.

______ I keep bills, bank statements and other mail in piles until I have time to file.

______  I have more then 10 plastic shopping bags in my house.

______  I save magazines with interesting articles/recipes.

______  When I look around, I get tired just thinking about what it will take to unclutter my home.

______  I have two or more craft / art projects going at any one time.

______  My house may look messy to some people but I know where to find everything

______  If someone stops by unexpectedly, I try to avoid letting them in.

______  I leave things out so I know where they are or as a reminder to myself

______  Time keeps me from getting or being organized.

______  When it comes to clutter, I think, “Why bother?” It will just get cluttered again.

______  I can’t bear to part with things and I consider myself a pack rat.

______  The stress level in our house is directly related to the clutter level.

______ TOTAL

The Answers

A total of 44 – 52 is indicative of a clutter problem that’s been building for some time. You are in need of some serious clutter-busting!

A total of 35 – 43 denotes your clutter problem is likely growing worse with each passing year and will continue to do so unless you do something about it.

A total of 26 – 34 identifies you have the potential to develop a clutter problem, but you also have the power to change a few old habits.

A total of 17 – 25 reveals you may be temporarily disorganized. Adding some skills and changing a few habits will have your space in order soon.

A total of less than 17 warrants congratulations on controlling clutter, rather than letting it control you!

What’s your quotient. Are you surprised? Let us know.


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