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Get Organized with a College Closet

I had a wonderful holiday visiting Mom back in my home town. I also enjoy visiting my college and high school friends when I’m there. One of my girlfriends is a nurse and a well-organized mother of four grown and almost gone from home children. On our Girls Night Out, she was telling us about her “college closet”; a brilliant idea I want to share. Long ago, she designated a closet as the place for the family to put essential household items they no longer use. Replaced flatware, an old toaster oven, logo mugs, older décor throw pillows; any goods that can later be used in a college dorm or first apartment. It’s not only a great way to re-purpose clutter; it also inherently motivates your children to see college and an independent life in their future.

Not all homes have an extra closet or storage area to spare for the purpose. If you have a zone you can designate, that will work – well labeled bins on the top shelf in Amanda’s closet or in the garage, for example. As you want to be the case with everything in your home, be thoughtful about what goes in there. Don’t let it become a clutter magnet – if it’s broke, damaged or unessential, let it go.

And once the nest is empty, it’s an easy donation run to downsize or make room for, maybe, grand kid toys? A clever idea from another of many clever Mom’s. What’s yours?

P.S. I recommend reading this adjunct article to the college stuff simple: 10 Things You Do and Don’t Need at College.

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