Clutter Pop-up?

WP_20150620_001On my way home, I came across Twice, a chic pop-up that wants to help you eliminate your clutter by selling it! Cool! According to Twice, “your clutter is someone’s treasure. Sell and get paid.”, though you have to hurry. It’s just an experiment and they close at the end of this month!

Their main business is online selling of your clutter at The truth is that the internet has opened up many ways to get rid of your clutter virtually. At MoveLoot, they will sell your furniture and household goods. At The Real Real, they will sell your designer goods.

Look around. If just eliminating your clutter to clear your space isn’t motivation enough, maybe making a buck or two back for it will get you off the fence!

Fall away from your winter blues by doing some spring cleaning this summer!

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