EXTENDED! Container Store’s annual elfa sale event is still on (or wait until next year)


I am not condoning procrastination. The organizers’ question is: do you shop for containers right away? Or rather, do you sort and edit your stuff first? When I suggest waiting until next year, I mean to say: don’t put the cart before the horse.

To organize just about anything, first you sort, purge and assign a space for the item. Then, and only then, do you containerize.

I see this mistake often. The decision is made to organize and the first step is to go buy some more stuff! The good intention is there, but you have to start with the stuff you already have.

Therefore, I ask: have you sorted the stuff first? Have you decided that it serves you in your life? Have you determined that the stuff indeed belongs easily accessible in an elfa basket rack on the back of the kitchen closet door?* If yes, congratulations. Namaste. Now, get on down to the Container Store. 30% is a big deal.

* Yes, that last one was me, for my client. Off I go to the elfa sale! Needless to say, I love it there. And they love my dog!

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