Number 4 of My Top Five Clutter Tips – Hook Heaven!

Clutter Tip # 4 – Hook Heaven!

Organizers love hooks.

You can have them just about anywhere – the wall, behind a door, inside of a closet, under a shelf or cabinet. It is very easy to put something away on a hook. It’s one step. So if you keep your hats in shelf in a closet. Step one – open the closet door, step two – reach up to put the hat on the shelf, step three – close the door. Now, if you keep them on decorative wall hooks, step one: put the hat on the hook.   Done!   Saved time.  Looks good.  No clutter!
  • keep your hair dryer on a hook inside the bathroom cabinet
  • put garden gear on hooks along the wall of the garage or garden shed
  • store brooms or mops on a hanging wall organizer
  • unclutter tech cordage by installing on a hook or two under the desk
  • coffee mugs can organize shelf space by hanging them on hooks under the cabinet
  • more hook heaven on my Pinterest page

Get some hooks and get hooked!

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