Occupation Organizing

assorted-occupationsOften, the reason I am organizing with a client is because he or she has become overwhelmed with life, and the result is clutter and disorganization.

When this is the case, I tell my clients to think of the roles they play in life as occupations, and realize that they have more than one. There is, of course, the job(s) you have that bring in a paycheck or revenue. Yet, virtually everyone has more than one, most of which you could pay someone to do for you. It’s important to quantify these jobs to appreciate your virtual wage earnings and your true value. These occupations include:

  • the super important 24/7 occupation of raising children
  • the part time job of being a spouse, or carrying on any relationship with the loved ones in your life
  • the part time, or in many cases full time job of managing a small, large or multiple-home household
  • caregiving, a very trying and critical occupation
  • and if you don’t hire out for this: housekeeper, nanny/babysitter, therapist/counselor, gardener, organizer, decorator, personal shopper/stylist/assistant, and so so many more.

If you add up the value, your hourly wages are far higher than what shows up on your paycheck or W-2. Recognize the roles you play in life, respect each of them and by all means, reward yourself appropriately. How? No paycheck is on the way, so reward yourself in the form of self-care. Take time to breath, meditate, exercise. Strive for 8 hours of sleep. Listen to music, dance. Shout out your anger, say what you feel, express yourself. Respect each other. And get back to work with ease, abundance and a great deal more productivity. 

I wish this for you in 2017. Namaste.

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