Part 4: Lighten Up, Brighten Up, Tighten up – Clutter Out! The Grand Finale

This series is so important. If there is stuff clutter in your life, it is far easier to get organized when your head, your body and your heaProvidenceMovesrt are in great order first.

In short, so far,



eat, but not too much.


Move, dance, sing along.

Get some sun,

And smile.

In this our final edition of our 4-part series: Lighten Up, Brighten Up and Tighten up by the Rock Solid rockstar Teresa Marchese, we want you to commit, and feel it.


11.  Start Something

What is that project that you’ve been meaning to start? Every journey begins with one step. Consider these moments in the grand scheme of a life, they are nothing but a paragraph in your bigger story. And, yet, a paragraph can be so profound that it changes you forever.

Read this William Hutchison Murray quote!


12.  And Finally – Just FEEL

  • Feel what you feel. Don’t talk yourself into denial.
  • Accept what you feel. Don’t judge what’s actually there.
  • Be open to your body. It’s always speaking. Be willing to listen.
  • Trust your body. Every cell is on your side, which means you have hundreds of billions of allies.
  • Value spontaneity. Emotions change, cells change, the brain changes. Don’t be the policeman who stops the river of change by blocking it with frozen, fixed beliefs.
  • Enjoy what your body wants to do. Bodies like to rest, but they also like to be active. Bodies like different kinds of food that are eaten with enjoyment. Bodies like sex and pleasure in general.

“Don’t attach yourself to one (wo)man’s philosophy. Don’t bind yourself to a guru. Don’t follow the next trend, then the next. Stop looking outside yourself for answers for yourself. Instead, start listening to your own heart, your gut, your body. Your God is inside you. You need only tune in.”


Let us know how it’s going!


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