Sustainable Organizing & De-Cluttering

Here at BALANCE, we believe that getting organized is all about Sustainability. Putting the “stuff” that doesn’t serve you back out into the planet is simply the “green” thing to do. There is much you can do to create a more sustainable book_clearhome living space. Throughout our service offerings, we will provide practical methods to ensure your space is eco-friendly. If this approach is important to you, it is assured here.

Get Organized TODAY, a book co-authored by Nancy Castelli and several of her peers, provides lessons on getting organized in every facet of your life. Because it’s her passion and key driver for her profession, Nancy’s Chapter is called “Get Organized for the Planet” with outlines 10 incredibly easy ways to clear your clutter in an Eco-Friendly way!

You win and the planet wins!

Planet-friendly resources for letting go: