About Our Clients

“Nancy- Thank You! For making it happen so far, so fast and for memorializing the remainder of the work. Please know we are very much appreciate your hard work on our behalf…it was a big help and a huge lift for me.”

-Amy, Tom and G (The dog!) – Empty-nesters, Complete home Declutter and organization

“You have already proved to you’re worth a million times over weight gola diamonds. You’ve honestly made me excited about orgranzing our lives. Impossible? Nope. With Nancy it’s actually great and fun!”

-Rebecca O, Retired Couple, Life move from San Francisco to Sonoma, CA

“Nancy has been a life-saver these last several weeks…no job is too big or too small for her to handle and most importantly Shimmy and Pickle [the doggies] love her which is always a sure sign. Nancy is move savvy, has access to an endless list of people resources and is competent dealing with even the fussiest homemaker (like me). I cannot recommend her good judgment and discretion enough even after putting her through the test of navigating around my ex and our personal and “professional” relationship.”

– Ron T, Single LGBT Professional, moving from San Francisco to Portland, OR

“It was a pleasure to work with Nancy of BALANCE. Her Needs Assessment of my home and garage space gave me some great ideas for space management that I didn’t think of, even after living here all these years. But the biggest job was to clear out my storage unit. I have been wanting to get to it for several years, and because much of the contents were part of my father’s estate, it made the project even more challenging to take on. Nancy made the job approachable and much easier, working hands-on side by side with me. I am so happy that the project is at last successfully completed. I even discovered some great possessions that I forgot I had! I now have more room in my life, and less clutter!”

– Belinda P, Seasoned Professional

“I had no idea what I was in for when I hired [Nancy] to organize my storage room (I live in a loft where I have a huge storage space under my bedroom with 9 years of buildup). I thought I’d purge a few things and make the room a bit more functional. Instead, I completely changed my attitude and thought process about “things” – matter and energy and how clutter can affect more than just my home, it messes with your mind! Anyway, we rocked my storage unit, kitchen, and closet. Not long after that, I set her loose on my office.

I have recommended Nancy to many of my business clients because I firmly believe they can’t be successful starting a business if their homes and heads are cluttered and she is so wonderful to work with that there is no one else I’d trust to help me help them.”

– Allie C., Entrepreneur, San Francisco

“Great work finishing up organizing the kids rooms. I can’t tell you what a big difference it made in the kids getting ready for school today. We were twenty minutes early! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Lora, San Francisco, Working Mom with 4 kids (not including her husband!)

“I just brought Nancy (with great trepidation) into my office and studio. She is one of the least judgmental human beings but the idea of anyone with an eye for organization coming into my cluttered universe was a bit terrifying. My lack of organization was starting to become a problem in all aspects of my life but it was really hurting me in business so it was time to call in BALANCE. I am incredibly grateful I did. In just a little time with me and watching how I work she was able to see some very important things that I could not. She found a much better solution then a pricey remodel I had planned [that] saved my business a lot of money. I can not recommend her enough and it was not only not traumatic but really wonderful working with her. In short thank you Nancy and if anyone else is watching disorganization cost them she is definitely worth calling.”

– Monica, San Mateo, Small Business Owner

“It is a pleasure working with you. Thank you for helping me through this ground breaking life change. I was thinking about this whole process and it has not been as painful as I thought it would be, and you have a lot to do with that. Both my and [my daughter’s] rooms are clean, beds made every morning and dirty clothes in the hampers in our closets. This is really cool!

– Angelique, Hayward, Single Working Mom with 1 child

“It is superb how quickly we were able, together, to get my home office closet organized. Itworks really well for me. More importantly, I am much more comfortable bringing clients into my office without a concern that my life “stuff” is disrupting the positive energy necessary to maximize my client sessions.”

– Bryan, Entrepreneur, San Francisco

Wow, Cool! Now I have a closet that is more like a treasure chest than a place where you can’t find anything!

– Taylor, San Francisco, Age 7

“It is amazing how much time I saved packing for my trip now that you organized me for packing. Since I travel almost weekly, that’s really going to add up! But mostly, it was just a load off my mind since I knew that I had everything I needed for my trip already packed away in my travel kit. And, since you packed the kit with quality products that I love instead of cheap hotel samples, I feel pampered even when I am away.

– Shara, San Francisco, Single Career Woman – 50%+ Travel

I look forward to scheduling more organizing time with you right away. I really enjoyed our consultation. You are very good at what you do. And so non-judgemental. You really are concerned about how people live and what they use and need to do with their space and not pushing your own agenda. Very cool. Helps me to see our space in a new perspective. Thank you!

– Dianna, San Francisco, Small Business Owner

“Living in San Francisco means there are space limitations that can be challenging when things get disorganized. The changes Nancy made in one short project helped me get to exactly the organized space I was looking for. And what I liked most about the things we implemented is that they were very simple changes that made so much difference – in my bathroom and bedroom closets, my kitchen and the corner office in my living room.”

– Eileen, San Francisco, Single Working Empty-nester