Organize & De-Clutter Services in San Francisco, CA

Turning Matter

Disorganization and clutter that costs you time, money and peace of mind.

Into Energy

Where everything is in its place waiting to serve you.

“Organizers can see through the clutter to the beauty of how a space can serve you.”

– Nancy Castelli, Professional Organizer & CEO of BALANCE Organizing Services Company

That space can be your home or office or a big project coming up. Are you cluttered, unorganized, out of control and wondering ‘where do I begin’? Are you in need of order and productivity? Begin here. We will get you there.

At BALANCE, we engage with you at home – with your family and your life estate, or at your office – your productivity center. Perhaps you have struggled with disorganization throughout your life or maybe it’s that life events – a baby, moving, a job change, death, divorce, a diagnosis – has you in need of organizational assistance. We can help. We also serve for larger projects around managing, downsizing or liquidating an estate. In every engagement, we offer coaching and guidance to begin your transformation; that is, to get organized at last!

We’re BALANCE, a team of professional organizers here in San Francisco. We work with you via private 1:1 sessions or with an organizing team. That’s Core BALANCE. We can help you project manage and tackle with aplomb the bigger jobs like moving or downsizing with Estate BALANCE. We can even help you via Skype, regardless of location and budget, with Virtual BALANCE. Three ways to clear clutter and get organized.

Contact us today. We will turn matter into energy, and help you find BALANCE.

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