Balance Organizing Coach - CORE Balance

Core BALANCE is the foundation of our practice. If you want to get organized, have been struggling for some time and are at last ready to get it done, this is where you need to be.

First, you spend some time with Nancy in an Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment. We tour your space, get to know one another and identify your unique challenges, goals and vision for your home or office. From this session, Nancy constructs an organizing plan.

You can engage one on one with Nancy or an Organizing coach for more individualized attention in sessions of two hours or more. Or, if the job is big, if you want it to happen faster, or if you want a more economical approach, we can engage with a team of organizers in sessions of two hours or more.

In any case, as we organize with you, we give instruction and motivate. We work with you to identify and then alter or eliminate disorganized habits. Throughout the process, we consider your patterns, the elements and flow of your life and your personal traits. The result is that we put into place customized organizing solutions and systems that you will easily maintain over time to achieve and live the organized life you desire.

This is how, at BALANCE, we can change your life!