Estate BALANCE - Estate Organizing in San Francisco

For the big life projects around managing your home and estate, we provide Estate BALANCE. We can serve you if you are planning:

    A household move and relocation
    A home downsizing project for retirement or empty-nesting
    A full or partial estate liquidation
    A significant home remodel
    A new baby or a family member move in or out
    For transitioning a Senior Mom and/or Dad to a new home

Because they are often connected to a high level of personal challenge and life disruption, Nancy serves as a coach and partner to ensure stability. To ease the effort of these events, we provide project management and team support to keep you on track.

The first step is to spend some time with Nancy in an Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment. We tour the space, identify your project goals, vision, the timeline, all players involved and your unique challenges. Nancy will then provide a project plan and summary for the effort.

It may be that all you need is Nancy’s assistance with Project Management. More often, to get the job completed, we engage a BALANCE team of organizers and partners (moving and storage Companies, donation and hauling services, designers, cleaning services, and more). In every case, as we work with you, the ultimate goal is to get the job done in an organized way that minimizes life disruptions. We consider your patterns, the elements and flow of your life and your needs. The result is an organized home with customized solutions and systems that can be easily maintained over time to live an organized life.

If peace of mind and time are money to you, an investment in project management and “possession experts” will pay off. Contact us to get started.