An Organizers Take on Tech Cord Clutter

When I am organizing an office, we often face the issue of how to eliminate cord clutter. My answer may surprise you because it is simply this: location, location, location.

Let me explain.

You could go out and purchase a cord container or tube system to hide them. There are many products that offer ways to bundle them all up into a neat bunch. I don’t recommend many of these. Because you have to change your cords any time you add or upgrade a technology device which is a regular event for most of us these days, there will be great inefficiencies each time you need to make a device modification. Or worse, you give up releasing the cord and abandon it, resulting eventually in a cord nightmare as horrible as those slimy creatures in Stranger Things, yikes!

My strategy is to accept the cords. Let them hang freely. The answer to minimize their unsightliness is the location of your workstation and desk. By finding a way to position your desk so that the cords are hidden against a wall, or using decor or furniture to hide them from view gives you easy access to your cords while hiding their unsightliness.

In my former office, my desk was in the open on 3 sides so I put a plant in front of the space where the cords came down. In my current office, the desk is positioned so that the cords are somewhat out of eyesight and hidden by a chair. In each layout, the cords were still very accessible for making device changes.

With whatever set up, use Velcro Cord Wraps to bring the cords together with little hassle. I also strongly recommend that you label your cords. It’s worth the extra time and ensures you will find the cord you need with ease.

Love your cordage. It serves you well!

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