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Get Organized TODAY is an essential tool for building a life in order; to bring ease and flow to your day-to-day living when clutter is blocking you. More professional and personal organization and preparedness are yours with these insights from Nancy and other top organizing peers. With Get Organized Today, you will better manage your life and be ready to handle any situation with ease.

This book includes expert strategies to:book_clear

  • Capture the Vision to Create a Space You’ll Love
  • Create a Productive Environment in Five Steps
  • Overcome Chronic Disorganization
  • Build the Perfect Closet
  • Create a Home Office that Works for You
  • Conquer Paper Piles
  • Organize for Disaster and Be Prepared!
  • and Nancy’s Chapter – Get Organized for the Planet

…which outlines 10 incredibly easy ways to clear your clutter in an Eco-Friendly way! You win and the planet wins!

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