Number 1 of My Top Five Clutter Tips

Clutter Tip #1. Ask Yourself Three ask

     Is it Useful or Beautiful?

     Is it Active?

     Does it Serve Me?

These are the key questions to ask yourself about everything in your possession when you want to organize your clutter. Your cheese greater may not be beautiful, but it is active and it does serve you. If you have many cheese graters, there is a good chance that all of them aren’t active. And though, individually, they may have use, most of them are not serving you. In fact, they are likely getting in your way when you go to find the one or two that you use most. Let them go!

That artwork hanging on your wall is of use because it’s beautiful. When you look at it it brings you peace or energy or joy. It’s serving you. Those 3 pieces of art in your closet gathering dust that you used to love but don’t so much anymore; they are not useful and are no longer beautiful to you. They are not serving you. In fact they are a drag on you, because you are paying for the real estate to house them and the emotional expenditure you feel when you see them. Make the choice. Let them go!

It applies everywhere. Your closet. The garage. Your bookshelf. You have the answer. Just ask!

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