The 5 Key Steps for Any Organizing Project

Whether you are organizing the kitchen drawer, a closet or an entire room. the process of getting the work done can be simplIfied into a basic five-step process identified by the acronym “SPACE”. This approach, first established by Julie Morgenstern, is only slightly modified here:


Sort – Sort all items into basic categories

Purge, or edit, if necessary – consider whether each item is active and serves you. If it’s not beautiful or useful to you, let it go!

Assign a space – Consider the size requirements and keep like things together. Accessibility is key here; if you use it often, put it in a easier to access location.

Containerize – Remember to reuse or repurpose before you buy. Be sure to measure hieght, width and depth of spaces and add those dimensions to your shopping list.

Energize – Live with the changes for a while to make sure it works for you within your life flow, and modify if necessary. Monitor the space ongoing as your life changes.

The key to your success here is to do every one of these steps and, most importantly, to do them in this order. If you only do some of them, or if you do them out of sequence, they can be highly ineffective. And don’t for get to label things during the containerize stage, especialy for multi-person households.

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