Number 3 of My Top Five Clutter Tips – The Container Sets the Limit

Clutter Tip #3 – The Container Sets the Limit!

According to Real Simple Magazine, organized people say no spillover. “Have too many stuffed animals to fit in the toy chest, say? Exile some instead of starting another bin for the extras”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I tell my clients the rule is the container sets the limit. Unless you have endless financial capacity and time, your house isn’t growing and your closets aren’t growing. So if you your hanging space gets tight, get rid of some clothing before you buy more. If that cooling utensil bin in the kitchen is overloaded, don’t add a second bin at the expense of valuable counter space. It’s time to eliminate what isn’t active and serving you from the bin (see clutterKitchen-utensils-montage tip #1).

The rule is simple. And it will simplify your life.

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